Sports Aptitude Test

A Sports test is arranged by Queens’ School and relates to this school only.
Owing to the overwhelming response to this test, we stress that only those with exceptional sporting aptitude and who live within Queens’ School catchment area (WD3-WD7, WD17-WD19, WD23–WD25, AL2 (South of M25), HA6, HA5 3**, HA5 4**, HA3 6**, HA7 3**, HA7 4**) have a realistic chance of achieving a place through this route.

Children who have a sibling who will be attending Queens’ School at the time of admission need not register for this test.

In order to accommodate the high number of applicants, the test dates offered will be on two dates only. Please see for details. Tests dates will be allocated on an alphabetical basis which cannot be changed. No other dates are available.

The Sporting aptitude tests will cover the core movement skills.
Each of the tests have been carefully selected from the Council of European Physical Fitness (Eurofit).

On the day

The children will be:

  • Told the correct order of tests
  • Kept together in their allocated groups
  • Clear about what they have to do each test

To help ensure reliability and validity of aptitude tests

  • Instructions will be exactly the same for all tests
  • The tests will be taught initially
  • The children will be given time to familiarise themselves with the tests
  • The tests will be carried out in identical conditions
  • The tests will be administered in the same order

We will provide support and give enthusiastic encouragement to everyone but the children should be motivated to do their best and show similar encouragement to others.

Please find details of each activity which will take place HERE