Academic Test Paper Marking Review Requests (Deadline Passed)

If you wish to request a marking review of your child’s test papers, the link below will be available from noon on Tuesday 1st December until Friday 11th December and is relevant only to test candidates from the current test cycle for entry in September 2021.  No marking review requests will be offered outside of the aforementioned dates.  Please note that there will be a £30 administration fee for this service, payable to the Lead Consortium School.  Your marking review will be conducted after the closing date and you will receive a response within 10 school days.  Please note that this may mean you will not receive the result of your review until January 2021.

Before you begin, please bear in mind that it is extremely unlikely that there has been an error in the marking of your child’s test papers.  Even if you make your request on the same day that the test scores are released, you will not receive a response until the date set out above as all marking reviews will be conducted simultaneously.  Please note that this does not include school holidays.

For further information regarding the way that your child’s test papers are marked, please see the FAQ section of the website, specifically here: How Are The Test Papers Marked.

The deadline has now passed to request a review of marking

[Academic Test Marking Review Request]