To help children get themselves familiar with the format and types of question found in the South West Herts Consortium Schools tests, GL Assessment have provided us with these free sample materials.  Please note that both the subject areas and the length of tests vary.

Whilst we have contractual rights to provide parents with these papers, private tutors or other private organisations may not feature this page and/or these materials (or any part of them) on their websites, or copy, reproduce, distribute or otherwise use or exploit these materials or any part of their content without the prior consent of GL Assessment. For further enquiries, please contact


Verbal Reasoning: Parent’s Guide


Verbal Reasoning: Booklet 1


Verbal Reasoning: Answer Sheet 1


Verbal Reasoning: Booklet 2


Verbal Reasoning: Answer Sheet 2


Maths: Parent’s Guide


Maths: Booklet 1


Maths: Answer Sheet 1


Maths: Booklet 2


Maths: Answer Sheet 2